Genealogy Gangster Terms of Service

Terms of Service

Although Genealogy Gangster assumes that everyone will understand that the information on this site is intended to foster knowledge expansion among the genealogy and family history community, other sites have these fancy disclaimers and it sure is fun to tug on their capes. So here goes:

  1. Copyright:Genealogy Gangster is owned and administered by Kenneth Green All rights reserved.
  2. Content:Genealogy Gangster is responsible for the content of this site, not including visitor comments or the content of individual contributors. Genealogy Gangster does not reflect the personal views and opinions of Kenneth Green although Genealogy Gangster is Kenneth Green. And Soylent Green is people. Anonymous comments will not be published and will be immediately deleted. If you have an opinion you should have the conviction of being identified as the holder of that opinion.
  3. Credit:Genealogy Gangster’ contributors are encouraged to give proper credit to any sources of content or information in this blog. If you feel you or another source lacks credit, please contactGenealogy Gangster. No one likes a plagiarist.
  4. Accuracy and Validity: Believe it or not, people make mistakes from time to time and Genealogy Gangster’ contributors strive to make facts and information as accurate as possible. In addition, Genealogy Gangster is a work in progress. The world is an ever-changing place, which means that content can become outdated quickly. While we hope to avoid having outdated material on this site, we can’t guarantee that everything is timely, so don’t rely on the timeliness or accuracy of the information at Genealogy Gangster.
  5. Images:Any image which is not otherwise attributed to another source, is presumed to be owned by the Genealogy Gangster contributor. If you wish to use the image, please ask permission. And ask nicely.
  6. Comments:Genealogy Gangster is not responsible for any comments made by contributors in the Discussion pages. However Genealogy Gangster will exercise its right to moderate and edit comments which are deemed to be offensive, childish or just plain dumb as a box of hair.
  7. Liability:As a reader, you will not hold Genealogy Gangster liable for libel (say that three times fast) or defamation in its content. The content of Genealogy Gangster is built through the content of its contributors. In addition, there is no intention to do harm by hosting content at Genealogy Gangster. The content at Genealogy Gangster is not to be taken as fact nor absolute. If people use the information and somehow are injured, Genealogy Gangster is not to be held responsible. The sites that Genealogy Gangster links to via hyperlinks are not under its control. Those sites are responsible for the content of those sites. The sun, the moon and the rotation of the Earth are not under Genealogy Gangster’ control either. We’re working on it, but don’t hold your breath, and don’t try to make us responsible for other sites, bad weather, global warming or any malady that befalls you.

So there it is. We’ve done the disclaimer thing. Aren’t you glad we got that out of the way? Now back to the business of blogging about genealogy and family history.
* Inspiration for this disclaimer provided by Valorem Law Group and Geneabloggers