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Online Marketing Series – Vlogging 101

Online Marketing Series – Vlogging 101 Vlogging is the practice of reporting on things that you would normally write in a blog format like this post, but doing it on video which a lot of people seem to love these days. Why a Vlog? Running a blog has become probably…

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The Future of Genealogy Gangster

The Future of Genealogy Gangster As I read my mentors words on Facebook about shutting down the Geneabloggers website a part of me wondered if I should keep operating this site. I’m sorry for those who have been waiting while I’ve been thinking, but I need to make sure that…

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Genealogy Gangster Vlog – Freedmens Bureau Records and how to search them!

Freedmen’s Bureau Records The Genealogy Gangster Vlog This week on the Genealogy Gangster Vlog i talk about the Freedmen’s Bureau Records. I talk about my own personal family story and how the site has helped my records. I also do some general teaching on what can be done with the…

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