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Having To Do What’s Right For Me

Having To Do What’s Right For Me   Dear Friends from Second Life, Today i continue our conversation on doing what’s right for me on SL. I started off in Second Life with the desire to do a micronational sim and did that by creating the empire of Slifonia. That…

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Simplify Your Second Life – Virtual World Tips

Simplify Your Second Life Finding Out What Motivates You to Play! This is the first step to simplify your life! When i joined Second Life I immediately was drawn to running a business because i really wanted to feel like a mogul. So i began to complicate my Second Life…

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SL vs RL and How to Have Balance!

SL vs RL and How to Have Balance! Second Life can become addicting to people who get into it. I know for sure that I love this game with a passion. It allows me to meet people from around the world, role play and do things that I cannot in…

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It’s a Thin Line Between Love And Hate

By Kenneth Green The picture to my right looks like a big happy family doesn’t it? Things are not always as they seem. That is me in the onesie as my alt Axel, seated next to me is my main character Aries, and Axel’s two daughters Sandy and Becca. Yes,…

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