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Lessons Learned from the Four TV Show

Lessons Learned From the Four The Four? Kenny, what are you talking about? The Four is a TV Show on Fox I’m just discovering. I’m a Hulu man myself, and I did not watch the original season of the Four, but I’m a Diddy Fan and I’m a DJ Khaled…

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Slave Genealogy 101 Title Graphic

Slave Genealogy 101

Slave Genealogy 101 Where have you been gangsta? When I was unable to go to RootsTech because money fell through I felt my career in genealogy was over. I gave up on my foundation and I felt that nothing I could do would repair my rep. But then I began…

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Valentine Ancestor – My Father Howard Sanford Denton

Valentine’s Day Ancestor – Howard Sanford Denton In Amy Johnson Crow’s 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks ancestor is “Valentine’s” this week. I cant think of any other love story that I want to highlight besides the one that caused my life to happen. My mother is Lassie Mae Green and…

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Avoiding Burnout – Tuesday Tip Day!

Avoiding Burnout in Family History Tuesday Tip Day – Avoiding Burnout! Greetings, it has been a while since I blogged on genealogy gangster. Part of me stops blogging because of health issues that affected me this month. Before RootsTech I was hospitalized and had to have emergency surgery to my…

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A Tale Of Two Grandmothers | Wishful Wednesday

A Tale of Two Grandmothers “I Wish I knew my grandmothers…” –¬†Kenny the Genealogical Gangster Grandmothers I Never Knew To begin I must say that I have never met any of my grandparents. What a sad statement to make. My paternal grandfather who I talked about before who fought in…

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Still In Our Day One – Kenvincible Show Ep.4

Still in Our Day One Kenvincible Show Episode 4   I apologize it came to this site one day late. ¬†Yesterday was a doozy. I found out i suffer from kidney disease on top of my diabetes and congestive heart failure. I could immediately go negative and hate life and…

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