My Life Anthem - Flexicution by Logic Title

My Anthem – Flexicution

My Anthem Right Now Flexicution by Logic   So one of the prompts for whatever Wednesday is what is my anthem. For the past year or two, my Anthem was “Motivation” by James The Mormon. Before him, my jam was “I don’t get tired” by Kevin Gates. So why the…

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The Soundtrack of my life Blog Banner

The Soundtrack of My Life – Why Wednesdays

The Soundtrack of my Life – Why Wednesdays   Hey Fam! It has been a while since I have written and I’m sorry. I took some time off because of me wanting to separate myself from social media and evaluating my motivation for blogging on this site. I am happy to…

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A Letter To Younger Kenny Title Graphic

A Letter To My Younger Self (Why Wednesday’s)

A Letter to my younger self. Dear Younger Kenny, I wish there were some way I could fed-ex this letter back in time. I envision my life changing so much as a consequence but maybe my letter will provide wisdom to others. So listen up younger Kenny this letter is…

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Being Content Title Graphic

Content With Things Allotted | New Look

Content with the things allotted. I Talk about being content a lot! Are you content with life? Today we are back with a new focus. I have been taking time to think about what I’ve been doing in life. As I reflect on recent changes in life, I have grown…

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Take Responsibility Title Graphic

God is not our genie! Learning to take responsibility.

God is not our magic genie! Take Responsibility! I hope that this article will help remind you that our lives are our responsibility!I bet you wonder why I choose this for a topic. Well, I’ve been going through a rough patch of life mentally, and I’ve tried to place a…

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Life Is A Box Of Chocolate - Understanding God's Thought Title

Life Is Like A Box of Chocolates – Understanding Thought and Plans of God

Life Is Like A Box of Chocolates Why the lame line from Forrest Gump? Call it cliche, but I do find that life is like a Box of chocolates, except I never got the saying because don’t you buy candy knowing what you’re going to get? Maybe its just my…

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Simplify Your Second Life Title Graphic

Simplify Your Second Life – Virtual World Tips

Simplify Your Second Life Finding Out What Motivates You to Play! This is the first step to simplify your life! When i joined Second Life I immediately was drawn to running a business because i really wanted to feel like a mogul. So i began to complicate my Second Life…

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