A Letter To Younger Kenny Title Graphic

A Letter To My Younger Self (Why Wednesday’s)

A Letter to my younger self. Dear Younger Kenny, I wish there were some way I could fed-ex this letter back in time. I envision my life changing so much as a consequence but maybe my letter will provide wisdom to others. So listen up younger Kenny this letter is…

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Life Is A Box Of Chocolate - Understanding God's Thought Title

Life Is Like A Box of Chocolates – Understanding Thought and Plans of God

Life Is Like A Box of Chocolates Why the lame line from Forrest Gump? Call it cliche, but I do find that life is like a Box of chocolates, except I never got the saying because don’t you buy candy knowing what you’re going to get? Maybe its just my…

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SL vs RL and How to Have Balance!

SL vs RL and How to Have Balance! Second Life can become addicting to people who get into it. I know for sure that I love this game with a passion. It allows me to meet people from around the world, role play and do things that I cannot in…

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It’s a Thin Line Between Love And Hate

By Kenneth Green The picture to my right looks like a big happy family doesn’t it? Things are not always as they seem. That is me in the onesie as my alt Axel, seated next to me is my main character Aries, and Axel’s two daughters Sandy and Becca. Yes,…

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Valentine Ancestor – My Father Howard Sanford Denton

Valentine’s Day Ancestor – Howard Sanford Denton In Amy Johnson Crow’s 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks ancestor is “Valentine’s” this week. I cant think of any other love story that I want to highlight besides the one that caused my life to happen. My mother is Lassie Mae Green and…

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Striving and Falling… Happy Blogiversary to simplykenneth.faith

Striving and Falling… Happy Blogiversary to simplykenneth.faith What a tough year! This year has been one that is especially tough. Just in the past few weeks I’ve had my computer break, my tablet break, issues at work, and at home. It has been one helluva year. I don’t like the…

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