Focal Point Change Title Graphic

Center Your Focal Point

Center Your Focal Point I see what you did Kenny! You changed focus to Focal point! Yes, I wanted to talk about focus again. But to get this article in front of you I needed a new keyword. So this keyword is Focal Point. This week has been very rough…

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A Letter To Younger Kenny Title Graphic

A Letter To My Younger Self (Why Wednesday’s)

A Letter to my younger self. Dear Younger Kenny, I wish there were some way I could fed-ex this letter back in time. I envision my life changing so much as a consequence but maybe my letter will provide wisdom to others. So listen up younger Kenny this letter is…

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Take Responsibility Title Graphic

God is not our genie! Learning to take responsibility.

God is not our magic genie! Take Responsibility! I hope that this article will help remind you that our lives are our responsibility!I bet you wonder why I choose this for a topic. Well, I’ve been going through a rough patch of life mentally, and I’ve tried to place a…

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Life Is A Box Of Chocolate - Understanding God's Thought Title

Life Is Like A Box of Chocolates – Understanding Thought and Plans of God

Life Is Like A Box of Chocolates Why the lame line from Forrest Gump? Call it cliche, but I do find that life is like a Box of chocolates, except I never got the saying because don’t you buy candy knowing what you’re going to get? Maybe its just my…

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Palm Sunday – Prayer and Life and Submission

Hosanna To The Lamb! Happy Holy Week! By Kenneth Green Matthew 21:9 :And the multitudes that went before, and that followed, cried, saying, Hosanna to the son of David: Blessed is he that cometh in the name of the Lord; Hosanna in the highest.” I am so grateful for my…

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Subconscious Thinking Title Graphic

The Subconscious Can Make the Conscious Reality

Today I want to talk about how the subconscious can affect our daily living. But first, I want to reshare an article on positive affirmations as I feel that is a good start on how we can begin to think positively and affect our subconscious! From My Original Article Colossal…

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