Family and Friends Friday Genealogy Tools

LDS Family History Resources

LDS Family History Resources – Family and Friends Friday Family history is turning into a more prevalent side interest, particularly now that the Internet has made examining your parentage less demanding than at any other time. In excess of 60 percent of the U.S. Populace is keen on following family…

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Focal Point Change Title Graphic

Center Your Focal Point

Center Your Focal Point I see what you did Kenny! You changed focus to Focal point! Yes, I wanted to talk about focus again. But to get this article in front of you I needed a new keyword. So this keyword is Focal Point. This week has been very rough…

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Denton Family and Friends Friday

The Denton Family Heritage – Family and Friends Friday

The Denton Family Heritage Today for Family and Friends Friday I would like to talk about my father, Howard Denton. Today in my church we celebrate the Priesthood revelation that allowed me to receive the priesthood. Because of these subjects it has me wanting to talk about my father. My…

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How to use Airtable in Genealogy Research

Using Airtable in Genealogy Research – Tech Tuesday

Using Airtable in Genealogy Research What is Airtable? I found out about airtable from a friend of mine who told me I could manage my writing and my nonprofit through this online table software. I did not believe it until I logged in and now I wonder how I ever…

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Doing What's Right Title Graphic

Having To Do What’s Right For Me

Having To Do What’s Right For Me   Dear Friends from Second Life, Today i continue our conversation on doing what’s right for me on SL. I started off in Second Life with the desire to do a micronational sim and did that by creating the empire of Slifonia. That…

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Slave Genealogy 101 Title Graphic

Slave Genealogy 101 (pt2)

Slave Genealogy 101 (pt 2) My Experiences First, I want to say I’m incredibly sorry for posting this late today. I have been incredibly busy this week in a good way. However, I do wish to finish up my articles on slave genealogy right now. I wish I could make…

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