Focal Point Change Title Graphic

Center Your Focal Point

Center Your Focal Point I see what you did Kenny! You changed focus to Focal point! Yes, I wanted to talk about focus again. But to get this article in front of you I needed a new keyword. So this keyword is Focal Point. This week has been very rough…

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Change of Seasons – Whatever Wednesday Blog

Change of Seasons For the first time in FOREVER i rocked a sweater. Well it seems like forever. I dont know what it is about autumn that makes me feel all cozy inside. Not sure if its the sweaters or the pumpkin flavored drinks, etc. I know for many its…

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Why do i look effiminate? Whatever Wednesday Post

Why do i look effeminate? Whatever Wednesday Post and my Second Post to the Getting Your Blogging Groove Back Challenge Yo, what’s going on my friends. Its time for another whatever wednesday post! I wanted to talk about my look. ¬†Alot of people lately have been mixing me up for…

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