Squeaks and the World of Spirits Title

Squeaks arrival in the World of Spirits

Where am I? The black and white tuxedo tabby known as Squeaks asks as she looks around at the bright vibrant colors of the world she has awoken to. It looked very much like earth­ but different in so many ways. The air was warm, not hot, but like the feeling of perfection. The air made her think of cuddling up to her mother as a kitten, the runt of the litter. She looks around sad wanting to cry, her masters Kenny and Rachel were not there.

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Honor Thy Parents – Super Friday Blog Post

Honor Thy Parents Honor thy Parents? Where did this topic come from? So i share my video challenge of today which has been the reason behind my topic today. Today i talk about my parents and my upbringing. The challenge asked me to talk about disrespect to my parents. And…

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