My Other Characters

This space is for any other alt’s on virtual games, characters from the Minds Eye Society or Troope Games, and more! Find out about my other characters here!


Deshak Rinpoche
Deshak Rinpoche Sec


Deshak’s Love Shack Logo

Character Name: Deshak RInpoche


Game: Second Life

Short Blurb on Character: Deshak’s name means enlightened guru or enlightened servant of the gods. This character was created to explore religions and religious ideas from around the world. He lives in the Orchard Heights Sim on a property known as Heavenly River and has a small pub in Orchard Heights city called Zambini. His pub is called Deshak’s Love Shack!

Character:  Axel Wingate

Game: IMVU

Short Blurb on Character: Please don’t confuse him with the Axel Wingate on SL. I joined IMVU to check it out and it has not held my interest, but I do still have the character and while I am not on there often, I find it fascinating. One thing I love is the simplicity of the avatars and how they look there. Its better for the younger crowd I guess but the spamming and rudeness has caused me not to return.