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Online Marketing Series – Vlogging 101

Online Marketing Series – Vlogging 101 Vlogging is the practice of reporting on things that you would normally write in a blog format like this post, but doing it on video which a lot of people seem to love these days. Why a Vlog? Running a blog has become probably…

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Tech Tuesday: Making Money in Forex (Part One)

What Is FOREX or FOREX MARKET? Kenny is this Forex thing some other business hustle? The question is absolutely unequivocally YES! As you all may know I had to cease work due to disabilities, but I still wanted a way I could feel useful and provide for my lovely family!…

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My Actually Awesome Blackberry – Blackberry Priv Review

My Actually Awesome Blackberry My Technical Tuesday Blog Post I actually own a blackberry. Those that know me know i have two phones. One phone which i call my workhorse or my daily driver which is my ZTE ZMax Pro. And that is my personal number that only friends and…

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Technical Tuesday: Organizing your Genealogy Research Using One Note

Organizing your genealogy research using Microsoft OneNote This is an article on how to use Microsoft’s Office 2007/2010¬†program Onenote to organize your genealogy research. I have borrowed from Research Compass Description, and¬†Organizing Your Files.The goal is to have your paper files digitized. “Unlike paper-based systems, word processing programs, e-mail systems,…

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