Vlogging 101 Title Graphic

Online Marketing Series – Vlogging 101

Online Marketing Series – Vlogging 101 Vlogging is the practice of reporting on things that you would normally write in a blog format like this post, but doing it on video which a lot of people seem to love these days. Why a Vlog? Running a blog has become probably…

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Forex 101 Title Graphic

Tech Tuesday: Making Money in Forex (Part One)

What Is FOREX or FOREX MARKET? Kenny is this Forex thing some other business hustle? The question is absolutely unequivocally YES! As you all may know I had to cease work due to disabilities, but I still wanted a way I could feel useful and provide for my lovely family!…

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How to use Airtable in Genealogy Research

Using Airtable in Genealogy Research – Tech Tuesday

Using Airtable in Genealogy Research What is Airtable? I found out about airtable from a friend of mine who told me I could manage my writing and my nonprofit through this online table software. I did not believe it until I logged in and now I wonder how I ever…

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Valentine Ancestor – My Father Howard Sanford Denton

Valentine’s Day Ancestor – Howard Sanford Denton In Amy Johnson Crow’s 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks ancestor is “Valentine’s” this week. I cant think of any other love story that I want to highlight besides the one that caused my life to happen. My mother is Lassie Mae Green and…

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Elizabeth Ring and Her Negro Children Graphic

Elizabeth Ring and her Negro Children

Elizabeth Ring and Her Negro Children 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks Family and Friends Friday Today’s family and friends article are not about a stranger to my blog. I have talked about Elizabeth Ring several times. This white woman is my third great-grandmother. The reason I like to write about…

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Starting A Family Tree Title Graphic

Starting Your Family Trees 2018

Starting Your Family Trees It is always great once the family will get together, however, you know that it’s going to be much greater in case all loved ones can get to understand each other as well as share your family history. A lot interest had received to genealogic researches…

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Who's Coming to DinnerThe Right Hon.WilliamLeslie

Who's Coming to Dinner, William Leslie 3rd Earl of Rothes Family and Friends Friday

Who’s Coming to Dinner, William Leslie 3rd Earl of Rothes Not this one again Kenny. You already wrote about Earl Leslie I know I have written about William Leslie before, but I wanted to write back because I am dedicating my Family and Friends Friday to the blogging prompt 52…

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