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Are You a Positive Thinker?

Our staff members like to believe we are good thinkers. The company seeks to think all of us deal with usually well as well as cope daily with the issues that come into our society. Yet for many individuals, life is regarding survival and never about benefiting from every minute and also feeling like those are living to it is fullest possible.

The Miracle of Missionary Work

The Miracle of Missionary Work

I am so grateful for this awesome weekend. The day before this post I had the opportunity to confirm my sister Shawnee a member of the Church of Jesus Christ, and I had the honor of ordaining my Godson to the office of a deacon in the Aaronic priesthood.

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Take the Decision To Live Your Life!

┬áMake the Decision to take control of your life! A lot more like a street. There are lengthy and brief roads; sleek and bumpy roads; twisted and direct paths. At…

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Lessons Learned from the Four TV Show

Lessons Learned From the Four The Four? Kenny, what are you talking about? The Four is a TV Show on Fox I’m just discovering. I’m a Hulu man myself, and…

Satan Is Busy This Season Of Our Lives!

In This World Ye Shall Have Trials (John 16:33) Satan is a liar! This weekend has been especially trying on me. I want to thank some people (not publically but…

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Mindfulness Meditation – Is it a Christian Practice?

Mindfulness Meditation… Is it Christian? As I sit back today there are many good things about today and there are some bad. One thing I must say is that I…

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Self Awareness and Self-Worth Connection

Self Awareness and Self-Worth Connection Today I wanted to write about self-worth specifically and the connection it has to our self-esteem. Right now I am taking a course on Udemy…