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Dear Diary – A Letter to my Friends

Dear Friends! Today was interesting. Sorta happy because of my Blood Pressure my doc wants me to increase my sodium intake and water intake, and reduce my water pill till I get to a certain weight, I’m about ten pounds too light. So it’s interesting that I was able to treat myself to sodium by going to Billy Sim’s BBQ with George this afternoon before I picked my nephew up from school.

Refusing to Surrender Title

Refusing to Surrender

When you have gotten used to sadness, sometimes returning to it bestows you with a sense of comfort. You may find yourself welcoming the familiarity of its gloomy embrace.

Kenneth Green Mormon Story Title

Hi My Name is Kenny and I’m a Mormon, Proudly!

We already knew you were Mormon! Many people that know me, know of my association with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I want to proudly proclaim…