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Mindfulness Meditation – Is it a Christian Practice?

Mindfulness Meditation… Is it Christian? As I sit back today there are many good things about today and there are some bad. One thing I must say is that I was in a small amount of pain today. I had just come back from running errands and I had cleaned…

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Self Awareness and Self-Worth Connection

Self Awareness and Self-Worth Connection Today I wanted to write about self-worth specifically and the connection it has to our self-esteem. Right now I am taking a course on Udemy by Kain Ramsay to become a certified life coach. This course has influenced me greatly because of the basics it…

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Freedom is Not Free – Whatever Wednesday

Freedom Is Not Free – Whatever Wednesday As we celebrate the fourth of July I wanted to write about the blessings of living in America and our freedom. I know that we’ve been going through some things as a country. America has not been all that great to people of…

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Real Power Series 1 - Obtaining Real Power

True Power Series – True Power From Humility

True Power Series A Four Week Motivational Monday Series on obtaining True Power in Life. The capacity or ability to direct or influence the behavior of others or the course of events. “she had me under her power” – Definition of Power on www.google.com Power is one of the biggest…

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Family and Friends Friday Genealogy Tools

LDS Family History Resources

LDS Family History Resources – Family and Friends Friday Family history is turning into a more prevalent side interest, particularly now that the Internet has made examining your parentage less demanding than at any other time. In excess of 60 percent of the U.S. Populace is keen on following family…

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Whatever Wednesdays: Vacations I’d Love to Take My Wife to!

Whatever Wednesday’s: Vacations I’d Love To Take My Wife to! Summer Time the best season for Vacations is here! Vacations season is here! Every year, millions of households take a summertime vacation with each other. Vacationing together with your family is actually nice, but there are times when a person…

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