Happy 2nd Blogiversary!

Sitting here at Rose Medical waiting to hear from the neurosurgeon, I feel bittersweet when I discovered today is this blogs anniversary or blogiversary. It is bittersweet because I have not really added any content here in a few weeks. As you could tell from my last article my family is in a limbo state of mind.

I’ve been doing a ton of soul searching trying to gain an understanding of what I should do with my life moving forward. I have felt pulled in several different directions. I apologize to my readers because this site has suffered while I evaluated and figured out what I want to do.

Happy 2nd Blogiversary Loneliness and a Little Girl
Loneliness is one of the toughest feelings to deal with.

The one thing I’d like to give my readers during this anniversary is the knowledge that we should be careful not to waste moments. I am possibly facing another spinal surgery and the thought of that scares the living crap out of me. I want optimum health both mind, body and soul. But sometimes the road to achieving this seems tough.

Be Mindful of the Moment Right Now!

Be mindful of your day today. Be grateful you have what you do. I wish I had it all, brand new socks and draws (sorry that line made me think of a Warren G song). Even though I may have a rough winter because of the surgery and recuperation time, the end result of better mobility makes it all worth it!

Happy Blogiversary - Be in the moment!
Practice being present in this moment right now!

Start today by being mindful of what you do and do not have. When we begin to exhibit feelings of gratitude It can make your whole demeanor change. I know as I sit here waiting to hear about this very scary important procedure that I am fortunate. I’m happy I live in a country that will pay for my healthcare (and I am not a cheap guy to take care of medically.). I have to smile because I have a home I get to go home to. I have food in my fridge, Fortunate for me and my family we are not hungry. I have lights and heat. I have friends and family.

In Conclusion

Even in this very dark time of my life, I am constantly reminded that I am not a Job yet. I hate when wave after wave of pain and trial comes in our lives. But I am grateful that God still thinks of me worthy enough to call his son, and he is always caring for me. Just writing what I’m thankful for has alleviated some stress. That is exciting! Anyways I hope you enjoy this blogiversary. Later on, I will go live on my facebook page and give away some free products and swag for my friends who are still rocking with Simply Kenneth 🙂 Make sure you read my last article yo!

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