Depressed Woman Outside
Loneliness is a rough part of the Human experience!

For those who have not been following I am going to delve into a very personal area. I joined the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saint’s at a young age. And I was very happy with life in the church. It felt full of purpose and meaning. However I was having a personal issue that I did not even realize and that was a belief that I, Kenny Green could be divine.

Loneliness and Isolation wreck our psyche.

It was for this reason I had to be released from the calling of Executive Secretary. Not because of Sin, but because my Bishop, one of my best friends wanted me to work with him about my self-worth and self-esteem issues. He loved me like a brother because he saw something tragically wrong.

Don’t kick a man when he’s down!

However, at the moment when I was released, I felt all alone. I felt unworthy, people told me I was a great secretary but I wondered by I doubted myself so bad that I had to be released. Also at the time, I was weak at the time, and “friends” began circling. I have had evangelical friends for many many years. I love them for Life!

I love Black Gospel Music, I love a good old ruckus church every once in a while. Having love for all sorts of churches. But these friends caused me to do something tragic. I had my name removed from the rolls of the LDS church. Immediately afterward I sank into the worst depression of my life. I have attempted suicide twice in my life, and I was on that level with my depression.

Don’t be ashamed to get help!

I suffer from emotional and mental problems. I even go to my own therapist. I want to encourage you, don’t be afraid of the stigma of getting help. As I write these words I’m waiting in the lobby and I’m grateful I can talk to her today about all my issues. I don’t care what we look like on the outside. Everyone needs help.

Don’t feel ashamed if you need help! We all do!

Learn from our experiences!

I am still in my belly of the whale (See Jonah 2). But I’m using this time with no church allegiances to find me. I am starting work on my second book which I will call “Outside. Coping with change that isolates us.”

In Conclusion

I’m hoping to put it on the market February of next year. I don’t know exactly what is coming in my life. These things I do know. 1. God lives and I hear his still small voice and revelation even in this wilderness outside experience.

I know I am loved. Daily I am reminded by the people in my life who love me that I am cared for. I know that with God and my family and friends I can make it. My wife is an inspiration of tenacity and strength to me, Rachel I love you! I hope you have a great day! God Bless!

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