Dear Friends! Today was interesting. Sorta happy because of my Blood Pressure my doc wants me to increase my sodium intake and water intake, and reduce my water pill till I get to a certain weight, I’m about ten pounds too light. So it’s interesting that I was able to treat myself to sodium by going to Billy Sim’s BBQ with George this afternoon before I picked my nephew up from school.

I’m grateful to my friends! You are worth more than all the precious stones on the planet!

My mind has been on my father in heaven lately, I am being enlightened by scripture here lately. Reconciling all of the facets of life from the terrifying God of the Old Testament, to the love and Grace found in his son in the NT, BOM, and other scripture. Starting to understand more how the same emotions I exhibit, he exhibits and he is not above human emotion.

I repeat, be careful what you ask God for, you just may get it!

One of my Best Friends Prince Scar
Some Cuteness for your day, my cat Prince Scar in his Regal Regalia 😛

II that I asked God to be a leader in the world. To use my life to point people to him. Be careful what you ask for. Trial’s have dual purposes, my friends. On one hand, I feel that we have trials because God help’s us overcome them and then when we give praise to him, it also serves humanity because they turn to him when they go through identical things.

As my friends would say, I am not yet as Job!

In many ways, I feel like Job in that regard. Part of my bible study daily is a reading of a portion of Job and see how his friends tried to make him out to be a sinner when he was more righteous than them, wow. 

School of Hard Knocks Class of 2018 Alumni

The second part of the trials is that they are the learning schools for us to learn the lessons this life was designed to teach. Lessons of tenacity and toughness are often gained. But for me, I look around more at people who are suffering more than me and I have a heart for them because of the suffering I have felt as well.

I am a very Unique Person my Friends!

This part of life is very confusing to me. I a few weeks ago did an article proud of my allegiance to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saint’s. And now I sit here no longer a member. Before you paint me out to be an evil child of Satan, I need you to know I am a human. Even though I am what I consider a Lay member of the Mental Health Community as a Life Coach, I make mistakes as well.

I am Not Yet as Job Because i have some amazing friends!

I’m grateful for the People in my life who have loved me through my issues. This time of my life has been a crucible, a very dark trial. I have sought the Lord in much prayer and meditation to understand his will and his plan for me. I proclaim I know perfectly what I should do or where I should go. But my mind is at ease feel closer to my God than I have in some time and even more I do not feel the heavens are closed to my prayers anymore.

What am i up to currently?

In this time of my life, I am continuing my professional development by taking courses to enhance the certifications and my knowledge I already have. I am working on my second book, if you have not copped my first book what are you waiting on?

God Bless You my Friends,

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