Squeaks arrival in the World of Spirits

So this is the Spirit World….

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Where am I? The black and white tuxedo tabby known as Squeaks asks as she looks around at the bright vibrant colors of the world she has awoken to. It looked very much like earth­ but different in so many ways. The air was warm, not hot, but like the feeling of perfection. The air made her think of cuddling up to her mother as a kitten, the runt of the litter. She looks around sad wanting to cry, her masters Kenny and Rachel were not there.

Squeaks meowing
Squeaks in her Meow Pose

Welcome Squeaks to the Pets of Kenny Green Local 777 Union! I’m Pip, the president!

A scraggly white dog slowly approaches her and barks. “Who are you?” the dog barks. She looks puzzled, in life, she never could understand dog. She was a cat, and she could barely understand others of the feline species in life. But now she understood the dog. She meows her reply. “I’m Squeaks.. Where am I?” She noticed her talking had changed. Evil men had damaged her voice box in life, and it was for that reason that she earned her moniker Squeaks. But now here she was able to meow perfectly.

The dog yips his reply. “You are in the world of spirits. I am Pip. I once belonged to Kenny as well. I was his dog as a young kid. But I grew old and like you, I had to come to this place. This is where we wait for our masters to come to us. You can stay close to your masters, but they are in the physical world and we are here. Quiet here she comes! This is Auntie, she raised Kenny. Pro tip don’t let her take you on any car rides, just ask Kid over there.”

Don’t let her take you on no car rides! Just say no!

My sweet cat squeaks
I’m the Sweetest Cat EVAR!

Kid walks up with Auntie. Kid was a tabby as well, all grey with hints of black. She smiles. “Yeah what he said. One time Auntie took me on a ride to the East Side, which was way across town from where we lived in Montbello, she let me out of the car and never thought I would return. It took me three weeks but I had to find my way to Kenny so I walked across town and came home. She never took me for any more car rides.”

I Cant Wait for the Family Reunion in the World of Spirits

The young looking black woman knelt down and began to pet Squeaks. “My name is Eva. I raised Kenneh.” Squeaks looked at the woman messing up her master’s name but heard the southern drawl and let it go. “You must be squeaks. I’ve seen you comfort my boy many times in his life. You saved his life when you and Sneaks licked and scratched him so much causing him to awake from his diabetic coma. Welcome to the spirit world. We all will see Kenneh again. But his time is not yet, he still has work to do in the land of the living. But until he comes, I will take care of you.”

Squeaky Squeaks!

Squeaks meows lovingly as she walks up to “auntie” and allows Auntie to scratch that spot she loved on the side of her neck. Pip and Kid smile. “Welcome home sister. We call you that because we all belonged to Kenny. And we will continue to belong to him for all eternity. He will join us someday but for now, let’s go play in his new house here! And no car rides!!!”

In Conclusion

I wrote that short story because on Monday I said goodbye to my friend Squeaks. I don’t just call her my pet but my daughter, my fur baby, my companion and confidant (before I found Rachel), and I miss her very much. I am not going to say that Animals have souls. But I will say that I Believe that animals were created to add variety to earth.

Animals were created by God for our sustenance, but not just food, but to help our spirits, to show us pure love without false motive (except when they want you to feed em or give them treats). Animals play a role in all our lives (if you like animals and had a pet). I believe that we will see them again, I’m not saying they are on the same level as us humans, but I believe they wait for us in the spirit world too until the day when we can go to join them. Squeaks I miss you and I can’t wait to see you again. xoxo

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