Hi My Name is Kenny and I’m a Mormon, Proudly!

We already knew you were Mormon!

Many people that know me, know of my association with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I want to proudly proclaim I AM MORMON! Today I watched a live broadcast of the FairMormon conference in southern Utah. Elder Kevin W. Pearson gave a most motivational talk on standing up for our faith. So I wanted to stand proud for the savior, even if it makes some of my family and friends mad.

How You Became a Mormon…

Me and the Missionaries On My Baptism Day!

I joined the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints as a young man at the age of nineteen years old. I lived a good life with my aunt and uncle who are pastors, but I had no friends, I pretty much lived alone, during that time I even saw little of my aunt and uncle, maybe a passing hello, and them anointing me on my head as they gave me dinner. At the Food Bank of the Rockies where I worked for them, I met the missionaries. I knew very little except bad things about the Mormon church. The missionaries just loved me. They showed me so much love and became my friends. Even though I threw away the Book of Mormon my buddy Eddy, “Elder Montalvo” back then asked me to read it once and pray about it.

How I Became a Mormon (cont)

After praying about the Book of Mormon I awoke early in the morning and I knew the church was true because I felt the Book of Mormon was sacred scripture. I called Elder Montalvo that morning and shared my news! We scheduled a discussion on Saturday and I then did ALL SIX DISCUSSIONS (back when there were that many) in one day! They asked me if I wanted to be baptized and I said YES! They said I could get baptized the next week, I told them tomorrow was a Sunday what about then?

The Zone Leaders rushed down and interviewed me for baptism in the back seat of their car and I have never even attended a Mormon church was baptized the next day. I had to leave everything I knew to follow Christ, I love my aunt and uncle but I knew they would not understand my reasoning for doing this. I still love them but I love them enough to follow my path to Christ. I was a minister in their church, I had preached and taught since I was 12, but when I found the gospel of Jesus Christ it was worth losing it all. My home, my job, money, everything to follow it!

Me and my wife's sealing!

But isin’t the Mormon church Racist?

I want to talk about some of the more serious church issues people have with my faith. The first being Racism. I’m not of that camp to believe Racism came from God. There was a time that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints had racist policies. Were those men any less Prophets? No, they were not. Were they right? No, they were not. Wait how do you balance those two statements.

The Church is led by men. When I say led I mean day-to-day decisions are made by men. Men make the best decisions they can with the light they have of the gospel at that time. God had to set that all right. He had to come and make those men and the world understand that we all had worth in the eyes of God.

I Stand by the Mormon Church!

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saint’s has been the most supportive organization and group in my life. Have I encountered racism in the church? You betcha! Have I encountered it in the world, again you betcha! But those are individual people who I pray for that one day they may see through the light of Christ how Heavenly Father views all of his children. Do I give the Church a pass for its past, you betcha! Because i know those men were limited, and even as the will of God was made known those men repented.

In Conclusion

Elder Kenneth Green of the Mormon Church

I love my Church and the fact that they have helped me grow into the man I’ve become! I watched Elder Kevin W. Pearson give a talk at the FairMormon conference (thanks guys for live streaming that!) and it inspired me. I have not been as valiant in my witness of the church lately. I’ve hidden posts from some family members and friends because of me not wanting to hear the backlash. But I want it known that I stand for Jesus Christ and his church! The Church is not perfect, only the Gospel of Jesus Christ is Perfect!

Too many times we confuse the church (expecting perfection from mere imperfect mortals) versus the Gospel (the message of Christ, the only perfect one!), and we need to learn to separate the two. Men make mistakes, I know I do. But one thing I know God never makes mistakes. I bear sacred Witness that God is Real! I bear sacred witness that Jesus is the Christ.

Also I bear witness that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is his church. I bear witness that the church I just named IS TRUE! Joseph Smith Jr. was a prophet of the living God, and Russel M. Nelson is a Prophet today! I invite you to visit www.mormon.org and learn about this glorious gospel that has changed my life. This I leave with you for the world to see in the Sacred Name of Jesus Christ! Amen!

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