Lessons Learned From the Four

The Four? Kenny, what are you talking about?

The Four is a TV Show on Fox I’m just discovering. I’m a Hulu man myself, and I did not watch the original season of the Four, but I’m a Diddy Fan and I’m a DJ Khaled fan so when I saw their pictures on the page, I wanted to see it. So I binged watched Season One yesterday (I was bored). Then today I watched two episodes of Season Two. And you know what? Even a show that is as vain as this taught me life lessons. Here are them!

Humility Prospers

Some of the stars I was fans of were just horrible in the humility department. One of the first rappers I really liked took on the gal with cancer, Sharaya J and he was good. I loved his remake of Panda, but then he let his swag and trash talk get ahead of himself and guess what, he lost. As DJ Khaled said, “You Played Yourself.”

You Have To Come To Eat

I love Diddy’s statement “You have to eat!” We have to wake up and do exactly what we come to do when it comes to anything. If you’re a writer, hone your craft! If you’re a Network Marketer, you have to outshine everyone else at the opportunity meeting. Whatever you choose to do in life, you have to eat! Be prepared to work longer, smarter and harder than anyone else in your chosen industry.

Who doesn’t like Billy and Diddy?

One thing I have learned in life is that DJ Khaled is a MARKETING genius! I mean we get tired of hearing his name in every song, but now his name = banger. What do you mean? His song’s, most of them, are LEGENDARY. So when I hear that saying at the beginning of his songs, “DJ Khaled” I know that the song is going to bang.

Learning from them on this show, we learn that marketing is huge. Diddy is a master of it and DJ Khaled is the epitome. Even on this song the sayings “eat…eat…eat…eat…” are said over and over EVERY episode, it’s a Diddy euphemism that he backed up with his eating gesture. The other one that makes me laugh is the Billy and Diddy nicknames which came from a DJ Khaled song “Do You Mind.” Just watching them is teaching me how to hustle and market.

The reminder of Carlton Pearson’s Theology Via the Show

In the first episode of the second season, Carlton Pearson’s daughter Majesty Pearson was a competitor. Carlton became well known last year because of the Netflix original film “Come Sunday”. Which was one of my favorite movies of the year! She had a wonderful light about her and it was good to see Carlton not cracked out or something wrong with him, but looking well.

I loved that movie because of Carlton’s Gospel of Inclusion. Now, do I believe as far as he does? No. I am not a believer that God is going to have to apologize to Satan for the condemnation he and his demon’s earned revolting against God. But I do believe it is the closest thing to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saint’s Plan of Happiness that has come out of the Evangelical church in some time.

As I searched for the movie name on google for this article, I saw this video by His Grace, Bishop Delano Ellis, who I really respect because of his work codifying episcopal rules and structures for the black church. But it made me sad to see this video because he condemned Carlton. I had a near death experience when i died three years ago, and what I saw was not his gospel he preaches. And i have proof if any needs it that i literally died and came back three times.

I hope your blessed this week and please know we can learn things from even the most mundane TV show. I hope your week is awesome!

My Near Death Story

Several years ago I was having an illness that felt like a cold. I threw up all the time, and I never knew that could be associated with something as crazy as heart failure. I went to Las Vegas with my cousins to remember my cousin aka big brother Chico. The whole time I was there I was not able to enjoy it like they did.

I was constantly in the bed, and so when I returned home I made a decision of going to an ER if I were still sick in a few days time. When I did not improve I went to Denver Health Emergency room. I remember when I got there I laid down on the gurney and I don’t remember anything from there except for the following experience.

I don’t know which date it was but I was in some hospital room. I remember chest pain and I remember a male nurse straddling and pounding me in the chest asking me to wake up. I believe I was in the ICU because when I came to myself twenty-five days later it was in that room.

The Spirit World

I remember walking out of the hospital room. I’m not sure what I wore when I died. But I remember I was outside and the outside was beautiful. The colors were like that we see in this world, but it was on an amplified level like the colors could be brighter or deeper. The temperature was something else I noticed. I am anemic, and so I’m almost always cold like 90% of the time. I was neither hot, nor cold, but the temperature was perfect. I did not see anyone yet because I was not dead for a long time, but I remember how it was like this world, but perfect, perfect colors, perfect temp.

I can’t wait to make it there one day. I also think about that because my cat is having to get put down this Friday, so death is on my mind. I hope you all are having a great week!

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