Satan Is Busy This Season Of Our Lives!

In This World Ye Shall Have Trials (John 16:33)

Satan is a liar! This weekend has been especially trying on me. I want to thank some people (not publically but they know who they are) for any support you have given to me and Rachel during this time. I’ve never been as close as to the edge of losing my ever-loving sanity then I was on Saturday. I apologize to the priesthood for not being present on Sunday, you can ask my wife, I had an object lesson I think was the coolest I’ve ever prepared in my life.
These things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace. In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world. John 16:33 (KJV)

Woman in Despair - Satan AttacksSatan is a liar!

Satan has amped up his efforts to attack my family. This week especially. Now I’m not one of those who want to blame it all on him. I feel we give Satan WAY too much credit sometimes. Sitting alone in reflection and prayer, I see the situations supernaturally caused and I see the ones I caused or that other humans caused.
Then I got a notification that my book had passed CreateSpace approval standards. I have the proof copy downloaded and I “THINK” I know why Satan is attacking. There are good thing’s in my book, there are bad things in my book. But all throughout I’ve written something with a desire to bless my fellow brothers and sisters on earth. I want folks to either learn from my successes and emulate as I’ve emulated Christ. Also, I want folks to see my failures, and avoid those pitfalls and not repeat them.

Satan’s Attacks

Man in Despair - Satan AttacksSatan has so many weapons he uses against the children of men. The key ones he uses against me are self-hatred, self-loathing, self-degradation. Keyword in all of those things is “SELF”. It is not things as they actually are, but things how I perceived them.
Satan likes to distract me. He takes ideas that I have that I really should filter, and then he goes to town with them. He has my mind thinking, what if I did this? What if I did that? And I lose focus.
Satan for some reason does not want this book to come to pass. God has allowed me to be afflicted (keyword is allowed not caused) because I think he has a story to tell via my life. At the end of the day, I want folks to see how I’ve made it and know that it could not be anything but the living God that helped me through. As those old negro spirituals used to say “How I got over!”

Why Satan attacks me.

I also realize I am a target of Satan’s attacks because of my desire to have a life to give God praise. I sometimes wish God could force the outcome he wants, but he has given us each agency. So Satan knows if he can take me down, he can frustrate the plans my heavenly father has for my life. The Devil is a liar though. He does not want me to write these positive blog articles, not that I’m going to be famous but because they may help someone and I may NEVER know the ripple effect it had.

It’s a blessing to have this blog!

Spiritual as well as mental maturity follows some very specific examples. We can learn to walk circumspectly if we begin to exhibit those traits. I will begin to illustrate these traits in the coming weeks. But the first one is fulfilled in this very article and in my book.

Lessons of mental maturity!

1. Teach Others Versus Being Taught
We all want to be taught. But those who are spiritually and mentally mature will want to teach others what they have learned. I hope you enjoyed this lesson today! God Bless You!

In Conclusion

Rachel Kenny Green - Satan Attacks - LDS Temple
Me and my wife recently at the Denver LDS Temple.

I also want to apologize to my wife who really just wants to support me. Sometimes our thoughts can have us look at others in negative aspects. But it’s not real. I want to thank you even though some of the most difficult times we’ve had in our marriage you have not left yet. Thank you babe.

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