My Anthem – Flexicution

My Anthem Right Now

Flexicution by Logic


So one of the prompts for whatever Wednesday is what is my anthem. For the past year or two, my Anthem was “Motivation” by James The Mormon. Before him, my jam was “I don’t get tired” by Kevin Gates.

Music Motivation - My Life Anthem
Me walking and Listening to Music!

So why the change in anthem? I heard this guy talking on a hip-hop documentary on Netflix called Rapture. I began to be enamored by his flow skills but not just that, I love this guy’s swagger. And then what sealed the deal was a song he did about suicide, man I saw substance there and a  new farm was created.

His song flexicution describes someone being motivated by folks who say he cant. Sometimes you just have to do what the song says and flex on people. My main motivation in life is to bring Yeshua glory. Satan and his minions whether knowing and unknowingly attack me all the time and I feel like sometimes I just have to flex on em.

Honorable Mentions

The following songs I give honorable mention too because they motivate me sometimes. I hope you like this list as well.

All I Do by Logic

Yes, I picked another Logic song. The swagger is dumb, call it Kelly Bundy, but its another good life type of feel with some motivation added in.

Amazing by Kanye West


Before he became Mr. Kardashian I actually liked some of Kanye’s music even if he is blasphemous with the name of Christ. But this song is a motivator!

Just Gotta Make It by Trey Songz

Not the biggest fan of Trigga right now,  but this was my original get motivation song.


Well, this is my list, what are some of your favorite music that is your personal Anthem Right now? This is Kenny signing off till Friday!

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