Mindfulness Meditation – Is it a Christian Practice?

Mindfulness Meditation… Is it Christian?

As I sit back today there are many good things about today and there are some bad. One thing I must say is that I was in a small amount of pain today. I had just come back from running errands and I had cleaned up some things around my home and no sooner than I had done this my back and legs started flaring up. But then I tried mindfulness meditation!

How easy is it to be un-Christian when life affects us!

I wanted to curse and shout. But what I did next shocked me. I went into my bedroom, turned off the TV and Laptop. Plugged in my headphones and listened to a mindfulness guided meditation on my phone. Being attentive to my breaths and more importantly that each one was doing a paramount thing, helping my life continue. That struck a chord with me as she said these things.

My Experience with Mindfulness Meditation

Mindfulness Meditation MonksBeing able to sit and relax for ten minutes was a plus by itself. Focusing on my breathing, and the points where an inhale turns into an exhale and vice versa did not seem overtly occultic to me. However just because something does not seem occultic does not mean it’s not. I think where I am at right now is reserving my judgment on this matter until I do more of these meditations and research more.

In Conclusion

The lasting lesson I want to leave is that I believe meditation is not wrong. I know the early Christian church even meditated. What I feel I want to do is first check out what Christian meditation is like. One of my favorite Christian youtube Mario who used to be into the new age teaches Christian meditation and I want to see the difference between what he does and what the calm app does. Once I know that I will make a decision. So this is the first of three in this series! Loo out next week for my next article and as always I hope you stay motivated and have a great week!

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