Not Groundhog Day… NOOOO!

Groundhog Day Hamster WheelSo today for whatever Wednesdays one of the 365 Blog Post Ideas i got from here was on a time when it felt like I was in the movie groundhog day. So if you never saw the movie Bill Murry is trapped living each day over and over again until he get’s it right. I’ve had times in my life when I felt I was going round and round the hamster wheel which to me is a perfect analogy of a groundhog day scenario.

The short while since I’ve been married I would describe it as Groundhog’s day. It seem’s that we keep going around and around in trials. If it’s not a financial trial it’s health, if it’s not health it’s financial. Then you can add those mental trials that happen when stuff just don’t go your way. I am a firm believer in God. I believe our heavenly father has created this opportunity and space to help us twofold.

1. This World is Designed to Teach Us.

You probably thought I was going with number two which is to test us. But no I believe that our heavenly father has lessons that he want’s us to learn. I’ve always believed in God, but the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints has always made sense that God was once like us, on a planet like earth, learning the same lesson

Smooth Seas Never Made Skilled Sailors Graphic - Groundhog Day


s. Now I don’t know how much I can rock with that because I tend to believe that God was always God. But I do know that the tough adversities are here to teach us. And it is my personal belief that when we don’t learn we repeat trials because we have not learned the lesson we need.

2. This World is Designed to Test Us.

Part of why we came is to be tested! Whether or not we will choose God on this earth when we cant always see him or his influence. Will we praise him in the middle of the storm or only when the sea is calm and the breeze is light. My Bishop sent me a picture one day that I think is applicable here. “Smooth Seas Never Made Skilled Sailors”. That actually applies to both test and teaching. But our Father sometimes withdraws his spirit until we show the faith that we don’t treat God like an Aladdin genie, but as God, not only praising him when we’re up!

So Happy Groundhog Day! Enjoy your lessons!

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