Self Awareness and Self-Worth Connection

People Thinking Self-WorthToday I wanted to write about self-worth specifically and the connection it has to our self-esteem. Right now I am taking a course on Udemy by Kain Ramsay to become a certified life coach. This course has influenced me greatly because of the basics it teaches that I could use in my own life right now.

Self-Worth Pinterest GraphicMy Own Self Worth Story

Life has been very difficult lately for me. I have had my own battle with how I feel about myself. Since last year I have not been able to work because of my illnesses and my need for healthcare. This began to make me feel like less than a man. I started to feel my life has no purpose.

God Give’s Me Self Worth

So as I began to examine my life I began to go very negative very quickly. Not only did it affect me personally but those around me. I am so sorry to my wife because I have a tongue that wags so well. And when your down you almost become like a wounded animal. That is how I’ve felt for the past few weeks.

Thinking Self-Worth GraphicGoing Back To The Drawing Board

So as I sat down today I began to think about a lot of things. I began to think about my future and why I am on this earth. Life has not become crystal clear to me, but I believe I have received some revelation that will help me in this endeavor. So here it is.

  1. I’m focusing more on education right now. I have an abundance of time and my Patriarchal Blessing said I should focus on education so that’s my first thought. Udemy has some great classes I’m taking on blogging, life coaching and even how to pursue God.
  2. This blog is going to changeĀ AGAINĀ I know! I am going to limit blog posts to Mondays (Motivational Mondays), Wednesdays (Whatever Wednesdays) and Fridays (Friday Free Write). I know many of you will be sad to hear I’ve decided to hang up my Genealogy Blogging. Genealogy has been amazing to me, and I will always be a genealogist. It will always be a family historian, but I’ve received more focus of where I want to focus.

Focus on Self Worth is Essential to Self Mastery

Self Worth is connected to Self Esteem in so many ways. I am starting to learn that from Kain Ramsay’s course. I would suggest it for anyone who might be interested in gaining control over emotions and yourselves. Take time to evaluate who you want to become in the future, this is the concept of yourself. Think of what your best self would look like.

Then begin making goals to step towards that best self and along the way your self-worth and self-esteem will rise! I hope you enjoyed my story today!

Last Motivational Monday

The Life Coach Course

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