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Freedom is Not Free Shadow Sihouette
Freedom is bought with the most precious cost, the blood, sweat and tears of patriots!

As we celebrate the fourth of July I wanted to write about the blessings of living in America and our freedom. I know that we’ve been going through some things as a country. America has not been all that great to people of color, or people of other ethnicities lately. I am a liberal and I believe in fighting for ALL men’s writes. Including LGBT, including people of other ethnicities, religions, etc.

The Day That United the Nation

Freedom is Not Free Pinterest GraphicI think about where I was on 9/11. I was at Metro State when it all went down and its one of the few days of my past I can recall with perfect memory. I remember the whole internet BROKE, I mean I was on this website collegeclub pitching woo to girls (hollering at girls) when I remember I got angry because I could not log in and spit my game over the internet, I guess I was an internet tough guy, maybe I still am, I am a blogger ha!

I remember how hurt I was that terrorists came and did that on our soil. It was not too much later that I was enlisted in the United States Navy. I wanted to fight for our country. I knew then that freedom was not free.

Freedom for All! Now!

Happy Treason Day Sign
I share this as a joke, don’t get mad at it, please!

We need to remember the sacrifices all our ancestors made for us. I love watching war movies on the 4th of July and on Memorial Day and Veterans Day. It helps me to remember millions of men and women (probably) who gave their lives in various wars so I could have the right to be an internet tough guy. But we are at a changing point in our nation.

The Fight For Freedom has to begin at home.

We want to fight in Iraq or Afghanistan and meanwhile, America is ripping apart at the seams. We have people being slain by police who are not trained properly on how to deal with on the job stress and not just fire because they are not comfortable. We have the rich getting richer and the poor not getting a darn thing. If I could challenge my readers to something is to stand up for the rights of all this fourth of July.

In Conclusion

There will always be dangerous folks in the world. There’s always Saddam Hussein’s, and Osama’s and Kim Jon-Un’s in the world. There will always be villains to fight. But until we look into ourselves and understand the things that are amiss right here in our nation, we will never realize the dream of a free country that our founders dreamed of. So as you celebrate this most awesome of holidays, look inside of yourselves and know FREEDOM IS NOT FREE! Enlist in the fight for freedom for all!

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