Center Your Focal Point

Center Your Focal Point

I see what you did Kenny! You changed focus to Focal point!

Yes, I wanted to talk about focus again. But to get this article in front of you I needed a new keyword. So this keyword is Focal Point. This week has been very rough for me. My wife is dealing with some health issues, and it’s gotten me down. My brain is still super scatterbrained but as I sat down and evaluated what I have invested in Second Life, and having talked to some moguls in SL it’s causing me to change focus.

Never Second Guess Revelation or Strong Impressions

Biblical Focus Point
The Scriptures Can bring you the answers you need!

Last week I talked to you all about me ceasing to run a business on Second Life. And then I started second guessing myself, and I regret it. Because during this very tough time in my life, I feel the Lord has shown me a way I can truly support my family and not something to stroke my ego, or just make me feel baller when I’m not (sorry SL).

NEVER… EVER… EVER… Second guess when an impression from heaven is super clear.

Focal Points are Key

What you focus on is where you will win. One of Satan’s biggest tricks is a distraction. Getting you to look at things that are not worth your time. Then you wake up a senior citizen or on your death bed and you ask yourself where did all the time go? It’s sad but true. If Satan can rob you of your life here, you will lose so many things Heavenly Father wants to give you.

Change Your Focal Point PinterestLearn to Wait On The Lord

When you’re getting ready to set long term and short term goals you need to ask God! God will help you know what is good for you in life, and what is not. He will bless your endeavors when you involve him from jump street. However, I think a weakness many of us have is we ask God for his counsel and will, and then what do we do? We get impatient on the answer and we jump into things out of our fleshly carnal nature.

If I could advise you of one thing, wait on the Lord. He will guide your paths! God bless and have a great day!

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