Living in Second Life with purpose.

Living Second Life with Purpose

Sitting here very late on a Friday evening I recollect some of the thoughts I have endured this week. I wanted to add purpose to my time in Second Life, but the following came to my mind. I began thinking that I spent too much time, resources and energy on second life. I’m certain I am not the only one to think this. I began to evaluate why I spent so much time on a computer game a picture began to come to my mind. I began to understand all of the reasons I LOVE Second Life.


Why We Love Second Life

Me as DJ Aries on SL, Living With PurposeIn Second Life I get a whole another chance to be different. In my regular life, I do not feel like I am physically attractive. On SL one of my avatars looks like Trey Songz and the other close to Drake. I’m not the dweeb and dork that I feel I have always have been in real life. On SL I’m DJ Aries, I rock parties. If I were not married I could have a gaggle of girls on there as I gain popularity on SL. On there I get to be things I cant in real life. I’m a district attorney for a town called Cedar Creek, I’m a DJ personality, blogger, and operator of a Second Life Magazine. I have Yachts, leer jets and I drive a Bentley Continental Coupe.


Don’t┬ámake my mistakes! Live your second life WITH purpose!

Live SL on Purpose Party Scene
Me Rocking a Party in Liberty Bay!

I’m not saying these things to cause you to want to run to join SL. I have realized how much stock I’ve placed into something that simply IS NOT REAL! When your able to play these types of games in balance with a normal healthy adult life, then games like Second Life can be great. But if you’re already down on yourself you can find yourself slipping away from the REAL WORLD into this world of fantasy.

You have the right to live your life how you choose. Heavenly Father gave you agency. This is something called agency. But what I want you to do is do things in balance. Many of my SL friends might begin to hate me because of what I’m saying. I’m I’m asking you to do is unplug, reconnect to the living world.


Gaming could be one of the tactics of Satan who uses a grand delusion as we get closer to the return of Christ!

These are the last days. Satan roareth like a Lion looking for whom to destroy. Delusion and distraction are two of his most agent tricks, What I’m noticing is some folks giving up the lives God gave us to progress and learn to be associated with a video game and that life becomes more real to them than this life. And then you end up dying one day, and the chance to change the world, be a blessing, do great things are over for your mortal probation is over. It’s not too late today. I am going on a seven day fast of SL after my DJ gig tonight (Saturday) so I don’t breach a contract and then I won’t come back till the following Monday. Check with me next Saturday in how I’m doing?

In Conclusion

Happy Pride to my LGBT friends! I am your Ally and I hope you turn up but not too crazily. Cuz I know Pride gets Craaazy! Find reasons to help others through your purpose and righteous thinking pursuits in Second Life. Help someone, be a blessing to someone. Be a friend to that kid who always seems alone! Live your second life with PURPOSE!

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