My Paternal Denton DNA – Family and Friends Friday

Decoding my Paternal DNA – The Denton Family

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Haplogroup E-P252

It’s Family and Friends Friday and in honor of Fathers Day, I will be writing about my paternal family line all this month. Before we delve into the DNA I would like to congratulate Kelsey Hawk on winning our sweatshirt giveaway! I will be contacting you via email to arrange shipment of your sweater!

Proud Mandinka Heritage!

I am proud to find out that we have ancestry in the Mandinka tribe of Central Africa. I am so happy to have found a Cherokee connection in my father’s line as we

Detailed information on my Denton DNA

ll as loads of Scottish ancestry. My Haplogroup E-P252 means my ancestors were from central and west Africa and brought to the united states in the bottom of slave ships.

One other thing I found is that we most likely were brought to America as slaves first in the Bahama’s before coming to the United States.

New DNA Features on 23 And Me Website

23 And Me Relatives

One of

the special things about compiling my DNA is the simple fact that all of my paternal relatives are deceased. I had no way to be able to find my family’s information. 23 And Me helped me find relatives who were distant but close enough with crucial details I needed which helped me put together my family history, without which I would not have anywhere near the information I have today! Check out those features today!

In Closing

These tools I encourage you to check them out! It may help you be able to increase the links you can tie in your family! One head is stronger than two etc. I hope that you’re able to learn from my years of experience and not be so hard-headed to think that you can not learn everything from your DNA, I assure you the advances are revolutionizing the industry!  Our Last Denton Article

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