The Soundtrack of My Life – Why Wednesdays

The Soundtrack of my Life – Why Wednesdays


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Hey Fam! It has been a while since I have written and I’m sorry. I took some time off because of me wanting to separate myself from social media and evaluating my motivation for blogging on this site. I am happy to return and so today’s topic is on what I would have to include in the soundtrack of my life.


1. I Don’t Get Tired – Kevin Gates ft. August Alsina

I am someone that used music to motivate me. When I hear this song it gives me some motivation to keep pursuing what I am doing, what my goals are in this life. So when I don’t feel like working and want to be lazy I put this on and its over, I go hard!


2. Motivation – James The Mormon, Jay Warren, Junior Malie

This song is very much like the first song I placed on my list. It has the same effects and if I could have a tie for first place I would. This song was made by James The Mormon who is a member of my church and a man whose testimony is still in my head. I love this church member done inspiration and motivational banger!

3. “I won’t Complain” – Rev. Paul Jones

This song is like balm to me. When I’m going through a rough patch in life, or thing’s are not going my way, I listen to this song which reminds me that things could always be worse. It helps me to stop complaining or getting angry at God who had nothing to do with whatever situation I’m dealing with.


4. “Background” by Lecrae featuring Andy Mineo

My purpose in life is to bring heavenly father glory. I want people to see my life and be confounded as to how I have achieved what I have achieved!  I want to give Christ the glory for everything in life. So, Jesus, I’ll play the background!



5. “Intentional” by Travis Greene

Travis Greene’s song got me through one of the darkest time’s of my life. Last year I had to have surgery performed on both of my legs and feet. I was hospitalized for about a week, I was lonely and this song gave me peace, I knew that even though I was going through that trial for about six months as I recovered wearing a full boot on both feet (Imagine That).

Honorable Mentions

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