The Denton Family Heritage – Family and Friends Friday

The Denton Family Heritage

My Mother and Father Howard Denton
My Beautiful Mother and Debonair Father!

Today for Family and Friends Friday I would like to talk about my father, Howard Denton. Today in my church we celebrate the Priesthood revelation that allowed me to receive the priesthood.

Because of these subjects it has me wanting to talk about my father. My dad grew up very much like me. You should read my article I did on Wednesday as a letter to my younger self. I talk about that here because he had many of the same struggles.

A Man acquainted with sorrows my pops was.

Denton Family Pinterest GraphicMy dad was told from birth that he would never accomplish anything in life. We were born with the same health and emotional/mental problems and were told the same things. This man became my hero because I saw him overcome time and time again things that his family said he could never accomplish.

There’s a story about my father and his desire to have an automobile. His family did not support it believing that his mental and emotional issues could preclude him from operating the car safely. So my father went and got a job. He worked and saved every dollar and slowly he began to study the drivers manual. Once he had enough he purchased himself a Volkswagon rabbit convertible.

I have inherited much from the Denton Family.

My father not only bought a car but a drop top! He had to roll in style. My father got his license and was driving even when folks said he could not. And he not only did it, he was styling doing it. That’s the stock that I’ m from, be straight stuntin on the devil! My father went on to become an Elder at my uncle’s church. He had a quiet spiritual strength that lifted up his leader my uncle.

I look at my role as Executive Secretary and see my father in me. I’m not up front giving a talk, but I get to quietly support my Bishop, his counselors, and the ward council. I am fortunate to inherit from my father’s tenacity, his ability to believe in himself, and his love for the Lord and his desire to support his leaders. As I get ready to remember his memory on Fathers day I will be honoring him each Friday in June by talking about his ancestors! So check out next week’s article!

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