A Letter to my younger self.

Me As a Younger Whipper Snapper
Me As a Younger Whipper Snapper and my cousin Victoria!

Dear Younger Kenny,

I wish there were some way I could fed-ex this letter back in time. I envision my life changing so much as a consequence but maybe my letter will provide wisdom to others. So listen up younger Kenny this letter is for you!

The Letter

Letter To Younger Kenny Pinterest Graphic
Lessons I’ve Learned In Life can be summed up into four things!

1. Value education. People always told you that you were dumb or that you would always get a check the rest of your life. Don’t believe them! Even when it’s hard (like math) keep at it. Keep fighting. You have a wonderful brain don’t be afraid to use it.

2. Value Health. You are not disabled, don’t believe what your family or teachers or friends say. Start eating right, if you can go full vegetarian, you will be ahead of the vegan fad. The biggest mistake I made in this life is not taking care of my body.
3. Don’t believe the enemy. Satan always told you that you would never amount to nothing. You were told you could never live on your own or manage your own affairs. I don’t care who he uses to say these things. They are ignorant to the man inside of you. Believe in yourself always! If your dreams don’t scare you they are not big enough!
4. When your back is against the wall come out swinging! There will be times when you want to give up. Sometimes things are stacked against you so bad that you feel like Job. I know how you feel, hell I feel like that as I’m writing these words. But there good things headed your way. Your wife is amazing beyond words, treat her like the queen she is and know that she is your very truest companion. Value Christ, when tempted to go astray I will tell you to remember this, he sticks closer than a brother and he cares for you.

In Conclusion Younger Kenny

I hope you all are able to learn from this and I bear you my testimony that looking at our past can be retrospective. But I challenge you, Kenny, to not get lost in the would have, should have, could haves of life. God has a plan even now. I write this because it’s not exactly something you believe right now. But trust in God, keep the faith and know he cares for you!

The Wiser Man

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