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Content with the things allotted.

I Talk about being content a lot!

Are you content with life? Today we are back with a new focus. I have been taking time to think about what I’ve been doing in life. As I reflect on recent changes in life, I have grown closer to God and I think that I have begun to sharpen my focus. I think the reason my writing or blogs have never taken off because I have had too many pans in the fire. I’ve blogged about genealogy, here, gaming, and more.

Having Focus Helps Us to gain contentment.

Are You Content Picture
Are You Content?

I recently read an article by a general authority of my church on being content and I think that this article has revolutionized my life. Part of the time I have been very upset that I am not famous, or that I am not rich, etc. But as I read this article I began to gain an understanding of being happy with what God has given me. That has I think unlocked joy and true happiness not having to be like others or have what others have,

So what is happening from here on out?

Kenneth Green of Simply Kenneth
What’s new on Simply Kenneth?

This is my blog. This is it. I am shutting down genealogy gangster and I will only blog from here. Also, I will incorporate some genealogy articles on this blog and I will migrate old genealogy gangster articles into this blog over the next week which I think will make this a super blog. Bye bye gaming blogs! I will also be shutting down my gaming blog, that will be here as well. Lastly, I will be taking time this week to evaluate blogging prompts etc for this blog but the end result will be daily blog articles on this blog, and more!

So what does all of that have to do with being content?

I am content to write and hopefully inspire people and maybe get people to live better lives. If I’ve accomplished that fact, I will be stoaked and excited! So be on the lookout for many new features and articles on this blog. Oh, we changed our design, how do you like it?

We shall see you next week! Also, read our last article.

Here’s that talk I was telling you about!

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