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Using Airtable in Genealogy Research

What is Airtable?

I found out about airtable from a friend of mine who told me I could manage my writing and my nonprofit through this online table software. I did not believe it until I logged in and now I wonder how I ever ran my business without it.

Airtable Intro Screen
My Intro Screen on Airtable

How can Airtable help me?

Airtable is very neat because anything you can do in Excel you can do there. But what is really unique to me is the community they have there. I have found database templates (others allow you to copy their ideas if they set it to that) and I find I don’t have much I have to do with them.

What are some sample uses of airtable?

  • Manage Human Resources for entire companies.
  • Keep personal or business finances.
  • Keep track of ideas from start to finish.
  • Do project management.
  • Keep your schedule.

Monroe Holt Airtable
The Airtable where I’m keeping data on my ancestor, Monroe Holt

The neat thing is I can get an airtable app for my tablet and phone and carry the information and access it at any time via those mediums, great huh?

Using Airtable for Genealogy

Chances are you did not come to this website to hear me rant and rave on just airtable, but you want me to share how it can be used in genealogy, On my airtable I keep family group record, research information that I’m in processĀ of researching, I can even keep information about my DNA tests on this table. The video I did will give you more information about this. Take a look! And also remember that you can take this anywhere with your mobile devices, how cool is that?

Check out last week’s article! And right now we’re fundraising for our foundation please check out our donation page and help if you can. Thank you for coming and we will see you next Tuesday! You may find airtable at

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