Slave Genealogy 101 (pt2)

Slave Genealogy 101 (pt 2)

My Experiences

First, I want to say I’m incredibly sorry for posting this late today. I have been incredibly busy this week in a good way. However, I do wish to finish up my articles on slave genealogy right now. I wish I could make this bigger but I do not wish to add fluff and things that cannot be used. So I will finish off by presenting the powerpoint files I used for my SLVGS presentation on slave genealogy. I will state that I have been through many great changes researching my genealogy and I like to explain those.

Researching slave genealogy is very tough.

So here are the tough parts of this.
1.) African American slaves never kept their African names. They all had to adopt Christian names and while some slaves tried to keep records of their time in Africa, those oral traditions were eventually lost.
2.) Slave Masters was not the most studious with record keeping. There is some bill of sale, and slave schedules that can offer some information but the information are very rare, personally, I have not found anything that has helped me in researching my own ancestors.

Here is the Good News

1.) DNA is making some huge changes and taking some leaps in helping people find ancestors. I know that my 23 and Me DNA test has helped me found cousins online who helped me piece together my family history.
2.) The Freedman’s Bank Records have helped me greatly in doing my own research. I had the pleasure of volunteering in the scanning of records and indexing of them. I never thought it would personally bless me, and they have.
3.) Tenacity and some good old-fashioned detective skills go a long way. When I think of the career field of genealogy I liken us to either those classy historians from different museums or those gritty detectives following a story. I promise you this, the answers are there and with the tenacity you can find them.

Here’s my presentation.

I promised it and so here it is, I hope that you enjoy it. I really enjoyed giving this presentation and so I hope that you find some resources in it. If I can be of any help or maybe you may want to hear me give this presentation to speakers over the internet at no cost then please let me know. I thank you for all of your support and I hope that next week’s article which has a SCHWEET video presentation on using airtable.
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