Having To Do What’s Right For Me

Having To Do What’s Right For Me


Dear Friends from Second Life,

Today i continue our conversation on doing what’s right for me on SL. I started off in Second Life with the desire to do a micronational sim and did that by creating the empire of Slifonia. That led me to research Second Life and I saw so many people making a ton of money from SL that I really wanted to do that. I think I saw my future in making money from a virtual world.


Money Don’t Grow On Trees!

But as time came and hundreds of dollars invested later it’s become apparent that the stress and time commitment of trying to build a real-life income off of a second life That desire morphed into the business model that you see here called Blanford Pointe. I worked day and night on launching this thing because I have a passion for horror role-playing games (I am involved in several gaming clubs and societies in real life.) However, I began to stress because while I had people working with me, the only one did it for free out of the love for the game (shout out to you Arwyn) and I was the only one investing.

Doing what’s right For me Can be selfish,  but necessary at times!

Doing What's Right For Me - Mesh Body Experiment
My Experimentation with the Mesh Body Adam! See the complete review next week on this blog!

And while that city looked darn good, I need to have my reality grounded in life, not in a virtual existence. I think my life has been so rough lately that I’ve been trying to get a virtual life to give me the things I don’t have in real life. But along the way I have become misguided, I have lost why I really came to SL in the first place, which was a place to escape because I do have illnesses in real life.


It’s time to get back to basics for us!

Sitting down with my wife and going over our finances I realized that I cannot sustain this level of spending while I wait for Blanford Pointe to come online and start paying for itself. And while Arwyn is super passionate and wanting this to come to pass, it’s the Green family who is footing the bill and we just cannot keep doing that.


The Entrepreneurial Spirit Is Still Alive in Me!

If I do business ventures on SL they will be very small. I have a small pub I’m opening up in Orchard Heights this week or next, I have a breeding business with ABC horses which I love, and we will focus on doing those things, going back to having fun on SL and reducing the stress in my life which I think has caused health problems here lately.



Do What is Right for You!

If you can make money on SL then, by all means, get your paper. I just hope this article and the one I shared last week give some insights. I had to learn the long lesson and hard lesson that I can’t always please everyone. I wish I could. Furthermore, I have to do what’s right for me in my 1st life, my family, etc


I will still be a blogger on this page for Second Life and other gaming interests I have.

I will still volunteer at New Life in Christ Family Center on SL.

I will still run my once a week vlog.


In Conclusion

But I will strongly return to doing what I came to Second Life to do, and that’s having fun. This won’t be popular with everyone. For the employees we were paying etc I’m sorry. You will receive one final severance from the company before we shut down. While you are my friends I have to do what’s right for my first life family, and what we can logically do! I hope you all enjoy the attached vlog, and I hope you come back next week for more positive blogging. I want to review the Deco(c)rate from April next week along with my experimentation with the Adam Mesh Body and what I think! Check out info on Deshak on my other characters page!


Be Well,

Kenny Green

P.S. The Empire of Slifonia is coming back, just gonna enjoy it and have fun with it, plus that’s a way cheaper hobby of just interacting with other micronations on SL and in the World Wide Web. We’re not building cities or leasing homes etc

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