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Simplify Your Second Life

Finding Out What Motivates You to Play! This is the first step to simplify your life!

When i joined Second Life I immediately was drawn to running a business because i really wanted to feel like a mogul. So i began to complicate my Second Life by launching a role play sim, dumping tons of real dollars into it, paying others salaries and i got so stressed out that SL went from being a relaxing game to stress. So i had to begin thinking of how to simplify my life.

Once you know what you want out of SL or any virtual game move from there.

So stressing out over my SL business quickly showed me that i did not want to have an extensive business in SL, but more low key like my breeding business (I think i have like 16 ABC Horses). Correction i have 22 now, had a bunch of females just born! So now i know what i need to do to simplify my life!

The End of Blanford Pointe?

Simplify Your Second Life - Jirard Wingate
Look at my beautiful son taking a bath! Jirard Wingate!

I have some great friends that i have made over my time in SL. These friends do depend upon me for a job and linden income. However when i evaluated how much i spent on SL which is INSANE i knew i had to reel it back in. Especially since i had to quit my job in order to keep my social security and most importantly my health care without which i would die in first life.

Knowing Your Why can lead to a way to Simplify Your Life!

That line is usually associated with Network Marketing. But i think it can even be applied to games. Know why your playing. Since i have no other financial help besides me, and no other resources to apply to Blanford, I for my sanity have to end it.

In Conclusion on my plan to Simplify My Second Life!

I dont want to end Blanford Pointe. This makes me sad because i want to be that big guy in control of a sim and larger than life. But simplifying my focus and getting back to the heart of why i play Second Life i think will be good for my sanity. So the lesson here is do not do things you do not want to do! This is a game, and you do this for you! I hope you have enjoyed this article and maybe it’s given you some ideas of what to do next.

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