Slave Genealogy 101

Slave Genealogy 101

Where have you been gangsta? When I was unable to go to RootsTech because money fell through I felt my career in genealogy was over. I gave up on my foundation and I felt that nothing I could do would repair my rep. But then I began thinking of why I did Genealogy in the first place, it was to find my ancestors, the slave ancestors.
I gave a presentation in the Second Life Virtual Genealogy Society this past month on slave genealogy and I got a TON of resources from other members and I think that people liked what I presented and put together. So today I want to share with you the powerpoint slides I did for the SLVGS absolutely free.

Why give something away free?

My Slave Ancestors - Genealogy GangsterBecause I never got into genealogy to make tons of cash. I would like to make a living on it but not get rich. And I hope that by sharing a little bit of what I know that others can find their slave ancestors.

My plans for next week.

So next week I will go into what the people at the SLVGS told me that is helping me break through a brick wall on my father’s ancestral line. If you have not checked them out before, I suggest you go peep them out here. Now it is a society purely on a virtual game called Second Life. But if you have a simple computer you can attend a meeting absolutely free and learn tons from absolutely phenomenal speakers that they have each month. Cost of membership is just around five bucks.

In Conclusion

My ancestors were slaves and that is a very negative past. But the sacrifices they made, dealing with a cruel and inhumane society who sold them off like cattle inspires me to do better and to try and succeed in life.
I have connected with my ancestors and I also want to thank airtable for helping me organize my genealogy and I’m working on a project that I think will be OFF the hook! So keep tuned here next week ladies and gents, the Genealogy gangster is BACK!
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