SL vs RL and How to Have Balance!

SL vs RL and How to Have Balance!

Second Life can become addicting to people who get into it. I know for sure that I love this game with a passion. It allows me to meet people from around the world, role play and do things that I cannot in Real Life, and be what I’m not in Real Life which will be referenced through the rest of this article as RL. So let’s talk about finding balance in both!

The Temptation to Get Sucked In.

So, on Second Life I portray an unusually rich person. In today’s vlog, I’ve shown you my beach home and my farm (which is really a mini-mansion) as well as my humble abode in Adam ondi Ahman.

I get to wear hairstyles that my natural hair type just won’t support and I get to dress in amazing looking clothes. I love that I get to be some of the thing’s I’m not in real life. So the temptation to get sucked in is very tempting.

Documentaries on Second Lifers.

On YouTube, there are a few documentaries about people who get sucked into Second Life. They find more fulfillment in their second lives (SL’s) over their RL’s. I think it’s super dangerous when you get sucked in and you lose a sense of reality. So I wanted to give you a couple of tips on how to maintain a tie to reality while having the ability to enjoy SL.

Top 5 Tips Maintaining Balance Graphic
Check out my five tips for maintaining balance!

My Five Tips on How to Maintain Balance

1.) Set limits on your usage of Second Life. It’s easier said than done, I know I’ve gotten into the middle of roleplay and not wanted to tear myself away. But if you do this and enforce that strict time schedule, you will already be ahead of the game.

Letting your friends know your rules about SL.

2.) Once you have established your time limits on SL, let those you will RP with often know about these. You can have them even help you maintain those times by reminding you when you’re skirting past your limits.

Set limits on Linden Purchases and other things.

3) One other area where people dangerously skirt past common sense is in Linden Purchases. I don’t actually mean shopping with Linden, but purchasing Linden from Linden Labs. I know you may want that one tight suit or hot dress but you can find yourself in the real-life poor house if you cant maintain those rules.

Remember It’s just a game!

4.) Because it’s a social game it’s easy to replace real-life relationships with game relationships. And while it can be healthy if you don’t have friends in the real world it can also be dangerous because you can get lost there.

Force yourself to evaluate your habit’s often.

5.) Every few weeks’s it’s important to check in with yourself and see how things are coming along. Make sure your remembering to develop relationships with others, and make sure you have some alone time just for you! I hope these tips have been a help to you!

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