It’s a Thin Line Between Love And Hate

By Kenneth Green

It's a Thin Line Between Love and Hate
The Wingate Family Clan

The picture to my right looks like a big happy family doesn’t it? Things are not always as they seem. That is me in the onesie as my alt Axel, seated next to me is my main character Aries, and Axel’s two daughters Sandy and Becca. Yes, they are adopted before you ask me how a soul brother ended up with snow bunnies for children.

Don’t be Crazy While Drinking Your Juice In The Hood, or its a Thin Line Between Love and Hate or some other movie title!

My family has been driving me crazy and has become my first bad experience in Second Life. These daughters one is sixteen and the other is eighteen (in the game of course). The eighteen-year-old is supposed to be a cop in the community of Ocean Heights where we live. Problem with her is she acts like a twelve-year-old AS A COP. The other one acts young too and it makes me think that they are messed up in the head in real life if they are not the same person in real life.

Slink versus Signature
Slink Body (Left) vs Signature Body (Right)

Don’t be Psycho

So I share my story because I see it on youtube all the time. So if you engage in role play with others then you should know what is cool and what is not with them. I for one do not like suicide play. I have actually come close to doing such an act in the real world, and so I don’t want to engage in that sort of story on second life. That is my last harp for the day.

The Body i Love

So my original character has for the longest time been a standard avatar. Since I had so much success on my other character as a mesh body I decided to try it out. Which one do you like the best, those are listed above. I like signature the best because it is easy to configure and the alpha slices are awesome as well as a great hud. It was easy to match skin tones, etc. What mesh bodies do you like, here are two sites I use for advice all the time.

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