R.I.P. Aries WIngate

Rest In Peace Aries Wingate

By Kenneth Green

Aries Wingate was the first character I made for Second Life. I say that because I have been on that account for six months now. Six months and three grand later or so. I love that character, and I have been through a lot with that character. It was on him that I learned trial and error of mesh bodies, it was on him that I had my first SL business, and it was on that account that much was wasted, way too much.

My Facebook Second Life Group
My Conversation on Facebook Second Life Group

So, yesterday I had some beef with some folks in Second Life. It was my first ever real beef I think, at least on virtual games. I was super upset and the sad part was that it was partly my judgment that clouded how I felt, and partly how I felt about that person. So I thought about quitting that account and just moving forward on my Axel account.

New Aries Wingate
I changed Aries Wingate’s appearance again. This is now with a Slink Body, Trey Songz skin, and a hair and beard job, what do you think?

I am interested in how many people comment that they have quit or they have “retired” a character. I was almost on the list of casualties. But I am thankful something inside of me told me I needed to just sit down with my brother in Christ (the man I had a beef with) and talk it out. And the problem was fixed, I got what I wanted out of the situation and he got what he wanted.

I don’t throw shade on anybody so if you’ve done that I am not mad at ya. But I want to encourage you to make sure that the decision to do so is only made after all options have been extinguished. If we all removed characters all day, then SL would be a crappy place to RP because the relationships you’ve formed just go poof. So think about others when making your decision as well.

So this is my first blog post on this blog! Welcome to this place that will be a central repository for my blog posts on role play. My former sites were

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