RootsTech 2018 and Getting The Most From It

RootsTech 2018 and Getting The Most From It

Will you be at RootsTech 2018?

It’s one week before RootsTech and I am not sure if your excited but I am geeked. If your someone who doesn’t know RootsTech is the largest genealogy conference in the world. And because it is the largest conference there can be sensory overload and many key learning opportunities can be missed. So I plan on offering a few tips I’m employing to get the most out of it.

RootsTech 2018 5 Tips GraphicFive Tips For Getting The Most From RootsTech!

1.Use the RootsTech app. There are so many options for classes. If you find yourself at the massive schedule board or thumbing through the agenda you may miss the classes that mean the most to you. I have used this app for years and even though I had set out my schedule a few weeks ago I found classes that I did not even know about, now imagine if I made those discoveries at the convention itself, you could lose your mind and miss opportunities.
2. Make your schedule ahead of time. Knowing what you want to learn, making a schedule in the RootsTech app, and knowing what times of the day you have time to visit the expo hall, etc

My Expo Hall Tip

3. Know what you want to see in the expo hall. The first year I attended I think I was drunk with information. Wednesday night they have an expo hall preview if you can make that definitely do that. You can make mental notes of the tables you want to visit and write them down so when you’re actually in the expo hall your visiting what you want and not getting lost in a sea of awesome tables.

Take Care Of Yourself

4. Plan! If you fail to plan! You plan to fail! I hope to drive that home to you all. There is never enough planning, maybe its the OCD in me, But knowing things like lunch options (especially if you have health issues like me). Knowing food choices around the hotel, knowing Uber prices, and more can help you focus while at the event.
5. Make sure you get rest and take care of personal hygiene. I’m not sure if you know but I play in several Live Action Role Play Games and those conventions consume you so much that you forget to take care of yourself. Usually, for days afterward, your dealing with what I call “con crud.” You would be surprised to know I suffered from this after my first RootsTech.

RootsTech The Best Conference On Earth!

RootsTech is the most amazing convention on the earth in my eyes. I love it so much. There are so many opportunities to learn, grow, be inspired and more! In the Genealogy world, there is no better place to make friends and party like a rock star. Advance thought and preparation will help you take the best advantage of the greatest genealogy party on earth! Hope to see you there!

See You There!

I will be there two days early to work on some genealogy cases in the library. If you would like to meet with me or be on my vlog or podcast sign up on my calendar here.

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