Valentine Ancestor – My Father Howard Sanford Denton

Valentine’s Day Ancestor – Howard Sanford Denton

My Mother and My Father Howard Sanford Denton
My Mother and My Father Howard Sanford Denton

In Amy Johnson Crow’s 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks ancestor is “Valentine’s” this week. I cant think of any other love story that I want to highlight besides the one that caused my life to happen. My mother is Lassie Mae Green and she was born in Knoxville Tennessee. My father’s name is Howard Sanford Denton and he was born in Boulder Colorado.

I’ve inherited Many Things from Pops

Elder Howard Sanford Denton was an Elder at Christ In The City Temple of Worship. He was there when I preached my first sermon at age 12 or 13, I remember he jumped up and down more than anyone in the entire audience. I did not know why he did this, but at the time it was a knowledge he had that he was my father, a knowledge I did not yet have as his son.

The Grand Secret

My father was born with Developmental disabilities. He was never to accomplish hardly any of the things he went on to accomplish in his life. My great aunt (who raised me) made a deal with his mother upon my birth. HIs family would have no financial responsibilities towards me if they agreed to keep a secret. The secret to be kept was that he was my father. I understand why they made the deal, my dad was on disability and could not support the raising of a son. And I know why my great aunt made the secret as well. though I do not like it in hindsight. But I never will understand completely why it was made.

The Grand Revelation

Upon my great aunt’s death, my father came to me and informed me that he was my father. I had gone to church with this man every Sunday and never knew he was my dad. I heard some rumors I could not get confirmed, but when he told me he was my dad there was no anger there. There was only love because he was sick himself. He would leave this earth about one year after he revealed who he was to me. I am so terribly sad to have lost this great man.

The Things I’ve Learned

I learned that my love of God probably was the greatest thing I inherited from both parents. I also learned that my love of photography is something I naturally inherited from my dad. Howard was a man who would not allow people to tell him what he could or could not do. I learned that he wanted to drive so badly that even though his family was against it, he saved up the money for a car (a VW Hare) and bought this cute car, and learned how to drive and got a license.
To me I think I inherited the passion of knowing my goals and not taking no for an answer. In life I was never to graduate high school according to my disabilities, but here I sit with a Doctorate of Divinity (and not the diploma mill variety) and I know that I would not be here if I had not inherited pop’s tenacity!

I Love You Howard Sanford Dention! I love you Rachel Green!

My Love and Valentine Rachel
My Valentine – Rachel Anne Green

I love you pops! God gave me an awesome man as a role model. I am building upon your accomplishments. And I think you would kill me from heaven if I did not acknowledge my valentine in writing. I love you Rachel Green with all of my heart. You are the most amazing special gift I have ever received in this life. God is glorious and glorified through your love towards me. I understand the love of Christ in such a deeper way, for how he loves us is how I love you! I adore you baby!

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