Elizabeth Ring and her Negro Children

Elizabeth Ring and Her Negro Children

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Today’s family and friends article are not about a stranger to my blog. I have talked about Elizabeth Ring several times. This white woman is my third great-grandmother. The reason I like to write about her is my wanting to understand what provoked this white woman to either adopt negro children or have negro children. This week in Amy Johnson Crow’s blog prompt for 52 ancestors in 52vweeks is called “In The Census.”
1880s Census Record for Elizabeth RingWhen I first found out about Elizabeth Ring it was via the 1880 Census. As you can see below here, she is listed as being a white woman. While her daughter my second great-grandmother is black. I thought she would be someone great to talk about again. What has me intrigued is that this woman is a bonafide white woman. She also had a white husband, but as later censuses show after the 1880 census her children were negro. And it’s not some slight of reading error, its clearly on the record as being black.
Part of the research on my paternal line is trying to gain an understanding of why this was. I am hoping that by taking a genealogy trip to Kansas in April that maybe I can crack some of this mystery. Do you have any mysteries that the census have created that you want to solve? I am super excited by this facet of genealogy. I think that it is very cool that as genealogists we are part sleuths and part detectives. In the off chance that anyone in the Denton/Matthews family reads my blog, I hope that if you have information on her that you would help me by sharing, and if you need information from me, let me know!
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