Sir William Butts of England – Family and Friends Friday

Sir William Butts of England

This week on Family and Friends Friday I want to talk about one of my oldest ancestors that I know of. I signed up for Amy Johnson Crow’s 52 Ancestors in 52 weeks challenge. This week’s blog prompt is on Longevity. This is not the oldest ancestor in my family tree, that honor belongs to his Great Great grandfather. However, when I discovered, I was related to this guy I had to choose him!

A Fan of the Tudors

I am not sure if you have seen the television show or not. However, it is quite possibly one of my favorite shows in the history of all TV shows. The reason I love this show so much is I’m a fan of medieval types of stories. Now I don’t like all of the sex in the show; I have to use vidangel to watch this show because of all the sex. But the intrigue is still the same sans sex.

Sir William Butts of King Henry VIII’s court.

Ancestry Screenshot William Butts
William Butts Family Tree

So the show the Tudors is about King Henry the Eighth. This king was infamous for two things in my eyes. First, he broke with the Roman Catholic Church which dominated the world at the time. He did not do this because of religious virtues I feel. He did this because the Roman Catholic Church refused to give him a divorce from Catherine of Aragon.

Sir William was a Protestant

The second thing King Henry was infamous for was the sheer number of wives he had. Anne Boleyn was possibly the most famous. She was the paramour who convinced Henry to divorce Catherine and to depart from the Roman Catholic Church. She was executed sometime later. He seemed not to be able to control his lustful feelings, and that caused him to have a large number of wives and mistresses.

My ancestor the protestant.

The Protestant movement started when Martin Luther wrote the 95 Theses. These outlined the universal rights of men. The right to be able to read the scriptures in everyone’s own language. The priesthood of the believer, and how indulgences and other Catholic rituals were not needed for man to commune and return to God.

Tieing things all together!

Hans Matheson as Thomas Cranmer
Hans Matheson as Thomas Cranmer

One of the main reasons I talked about the television show the Tudors is because of a character Thomas Cranmer. This is a real person, he was the Archbishop of Canterbury, and It is said that my ancestor was a friend of this person. This interested me because of this person while clergy was relatively unknown until the Anne Boleyn affair.

In Conclusion

A few final notes about my ancestor to wrap up. I love the fact that he was a physician before he was knighted. Also, I like the fact that Sir Butt’s was a Protestant. I believe the Reformation was a work of prophecy required to help bring to pass the gospel of Jesus Christ to all men! I am grateful to come from such exotic and great stock! Reply to the comments who your oldest ancestor is! Share with me your thoughts and feelings!
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