Find Sacredness in all things, in all times and in all places!


So if you did not see a few weeks prior I was set apart as the Ward Executive Secretary. It may not be a big deal to many people, but to me, it feels fantastic to be a part of this great bishopric (though not officially.) I honestly never thought I would ever do any leadership calling in my church. I called it being too mad Ghetto, or behind closed doors, I called myself mad niggorish. Don’t get angry at the name, make fun of the connotation!


Sacredness is a divinely inspired feeling!

I feel especially honored because my bishop is my friend. I can genuinely say that I know that is the truth, and I know he loves me. I only hope I have some time to serve with him in this calling, as the shelf life for Bishops in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is around five years and he’s pushing that. But the people need him, so I hope we have him a bit longer, even if it’s for selfish reasons of wanting to aid him in his great work.


Everything you do in church should be sacred!

I am starting to understand something serious, and that is the sacredness of this calling. I cant go into what I may or may not be privy to, but we genuinely are a humanist organization. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saint’s loves EVERYONE! And we want to see the progression in the entire life of man. Not just spiritually or at the church on a Sunday, but at work, at home, etc. I can text my friend (the bishop) when I disagree with my wife, and other pastors may say go work it out! Some may refer us to therapists. But my friend genuinely wants to help.


Being a Humanist is not a negative title!

My church has helped my family establish a financial plan, and we are prospering through the said plan. I am serious, if you’re looking for a church where you’re a person, not just some number that shows up on a Sunday I welcome you to attend the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. And if you live in downtown Denver I invite you to visit with me as my personal guest at 838 Grant Street, Denver, CO at Nine Am. Just look for the short black guy with the smoking hot white chick sitting on the right side.


Okay Back on Track!

I have gotten off track a bit, and that is easy to do when you’re talking about a benevolent organization such as the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. I wanted to discuss sacredness. I’m not going to tell you my routine, but I like to arrive at the Bishop’s office before the Bishop. I will say to you I pray and lift my leader up, so that he can be the common judge in Israel he has to be,


Seek Your Heavenly Father, he will show you sacredness!

I look forward to meeting people, introducing myself, getting to know them while they wait for appointments. I have not had to deal with someone seriously emotional yet, but I know when I do I want to extend the pure love of Christ to them and make them feel safe and confident that they can tell the Bishop and the savior whatever they need to say.


Sacred feelings should be taken very seriously!

No matter what calling you do in life, or in church, approach it seriously. Pray and fast if you need to. Ask for the divine guidance our father and our savior Christ Jesus has promised so many times in the holy scriptures. Use that advice (Revelation) when appropriate and when you have the priesthood keys to do so, or permission to do so. Approach your families with sacredness. One of the most sacred moments in my life is Family Council with my wife.


Find Joy in Every Journey! Find Sacredness in every Step!

Yeah, Family Council usually is the result of some beef. But praying that I lead my family wisely, and praying that I listen to the council of my soulmate for time and eternity turns it into a whole another experience. Life is sacred itself. Don’t waste the opportunities. One of the things I love about our late prophet, Thomas S. Monson was a quote where he said: “Find Joy in the Journey.” I think that is relatable to finding sacredness in all we do. I love you all!

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