Take out Five Minutes for Yourself

What can be accomplished in 5 minutes and how can it help our journey of self-discovery?

ยท Take 5 minutes every day to clear out some clutter in your life. Perhaps a workplace, a pantry or a garage. Let yourself enjoy the moment when you’ve completed it! Clutter-free experiences help us to think more clearly and to concentrate on our work. Research shows that people who have a tidy work area achieve more productivity than those with a cluttered place.

It will open up a way to count the other blessings in your life that often stay hidden from view as we are usually too busy to enjoy them.

  • Never underestimate the significance of 5 minutes.
  • Take 5 minutes to pray, meditate or have some periods in your day, where you reflect on yourself and your spiritual health and wellbeing. If you believe in God, make sure you protect this time at the business of your day as spiritual well being is an essential part of a holistic approach to life.
  • Take 5 minutes to do some exercise and marvel at just how much fitter you feel now than you did yesterday. If you don’t have enough time to exercise for long periods during the day, 6 tons of 5 minutes add up to a 30-minute exercise daily.
  • Go to bed 5 minutes earlier each night, so you recreate wake and sleep cycles help keep your focus and alertness.

Don’t Underestimate the Importance of 5 Minutes
Never underestimate the power of 5 minutes in your life!
Do you always feel like you’re running from one activity to another without taking a break?

  • Take 5 minutes to correct a suitable meal for your loved ones and not find yourself too busy, so you buy take away every evening. Your body needs proper nutrition. Make sure you’ve got plenty of vegetables and fruit in addition to lean protein and good carbohydrates and oil in your daily diet to maintain your body in good health. Enjoy the difference it makes to your energy levels.

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