Don't be an Island on Family and Friends Friday

Don’t Be An Island

Family and Friends Friday

I like the term, “Don’t Be an Island!” I bet you’re wondering what I’m talking about. As a Genealogist for the past few years, I’ve done m own thing. I did not belong to any Family History organizations, etc. My only tie back then to genealogists were Facebook and Twitter. I regret being an island for so long.
Today I had the pleasure to join three different Genealogical Societies. The first being the National Genealogy Society and the second being the Federation of Genealogical Societies (which I joined as a vendor). And lastly the Colorado Genealogical Society. I had previously entered the Second Life Virtual Genealogical Society.

Don’t be an Island! Genealogy is best shared with others.

I did not know the whole wide world of genealogy until I started searching the interwebs. The CGS meets up the street from the pad, and the other ones have invaluable information.

Sometimes others can help you bust down walls.

Do you have walls in your research? I have found that sometimes the best tips I ‘ve uncovered through the years have been from others. As newcomers to the field, I understand if you’re nervous or shy about connecting with people. Just be yourself, start off by attending online stuff and conference calls before you join up wholeheartedly.

Stay in the know!

Memberships in these societies can help you stay in the know of all the latest developments in the genealogy world. Most have excellent newsletters that have breaking news, and a few even have magazines which are included as part of the price of membership.

In Conclusion

There is a lot of resources available to genealogists of all skill ranges. Whether you’re the newbie or the veteran. I encourage you to connect with your local Genealogical Society today and see how they can help you. Not every society is for everyone.
Stay tuned for next Friday’s article where I will highlight the best tools each of these societies have to offer! I highly suggest that you take the time to look at what genealogy organizations can provide you with today!

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